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So many marketers waste countless hours on Facebook trying to do everything they THINK they need to in order to make money using FREE Facebook Strategies.

I have come up with a way to leverage the power of AUTOMATION and  packaged it up for you in The FB Formula Suite!

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In The Fb Formula Suite You Will Get 5 Chrome Extensions To Help You Automate Taskes You Do In Facebook Every Day!
* Allowing You To EFFORTLESSLY 
Find & Unfriend those not engaging With A Click Of A Button!

* Mass Delete Inactive Or Active Friends 

*  Ability To Grow Your Email List From The Use Of Your Facebook Group!

*Send The Emails Automatically To Your Autoresponder And Monetize Your Facebook Group By Sending Leads To A Follow Up Series Automatically.
*  Ability To Automatically Reply To All The Comments On Your Facebook Posts By Clicking ONE Button!

*This Works EVERYWHERE You Post On Facebook:
Your Personal Profile, Any Pages You Manage, and All FB Groups!
* Allowing You To EFFORTLESSLY 
Add Ideal Prospects With A Click Of A Button!

* Save TIME Bulk-Messaging Friends Automatically!!
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  • The FB Unfriend Formula:
    Cost: $27 month
  • The FB Comment Formula:
    Cost: $27 month 
  • ​The FB Group Formula:
    Cost: $27 month
  • ​The FB Prospect Formula: 
    Cost: $27 month
  • The FB Followup Formula:
    Cost: $27 month

5 Licenses (Value $1620 year)
 Software Updates (Value $2,997)
Email Support: (Value $1,997)
​Quick-Start Video Training (Value $997)

That's A Value Of $7,611...

Only $47 a month

You'd actually be crazy not to because you couldn't even hire a virtual assistant that cheap to do all the work these extensions do! 


If you paid for ALL of the products individually, even at A monthly fee you would still pay over $1000 In Your first year of use! 
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Please Note: This ONLY works on a Computer NOT a Phone. 

Also, These Do NOT work on CHROMEBOOK Computer.

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